The Axiom of Protection
, it is based around machines to Shield and Defend, mainly it allows one to forify themselves and their wonders with armor and shields.

The use of this axiom is extremely straightforward, it protects; all wonders made with the function to defend, guard, and protect against any harm is made with Prostasia. By default, there is only one function: To provide Armor. The more Prostasia a Genius get, the better the armor gets. If used on a vehicle or building, mundane or otherwise, receive Durability from Prostasia rather than Armor.

How the armor providing wonder is formed is something entirely different. With one simple function, it can come in every sort of form that helps fortify armor; from worn armor that requires no Mania to activate to shield generating wonders that can cover more area.


Physical armor, typically made of metal or ceramic, requires Crafts to build. Organic armor is possible and uses Medicine, though it requires Exelixi-1 to strengthen the components. Various "ray" shields and other devices use Science.

Basic and Ballistic Level of Armor Provided and Variables (Regular 1.1 Rules):

1 Dot: 3

  • Protection From Pressure
  • Protection From Radar/Scanning

2 Dots: 4

3 Dots: 5

4 Dots: 6

5 Dots: 7


Ablative Armor, Anti-Scanning/Anti-Teleport Field, (Unbalanced) Ballistic/General Rating, (Temporary) Barrier, Bulletproof, Cage (Reversibility), Data Security, Expandable

Power Levels and Wonder Effects (Improved Prostasia Rules):

1 Dot: Personal Defenses; Always On 1, Activated 2

  • Pressure Protection
  • Immunization and Vaccines

2 Dots: External Defenses; Always On 3, Activated 5

  • Building/Vehicle Durability (1-5) Based on Size (0, 3, 9, 16, 26+), Armor Size = Vehicle Size / 10
  • Shielding
  • Radar/Scanning Invisibility
  • Data Security
  • Lockbox / Secure Room
  • Architecture (buildings in Wondrous form instead of adding armor)

3 Dots: Unusual Defenses; Always on 5, Activated 8

  • Mental Shield
  • Morphic Shield
  • Occult Shield

4 Dots: Dimensional shielding; Always on 7, Activated 11

5 Dots: Impenetrable Defenses; Always on 9, Activated 14


Ablative Armor, (Unbalanced) Ballistic/General Rating, Barrier, Bulletproof, Cage, Expandable, Heavy Armor, Invulnerable, Limited Protection, Opaque to Air, Reflection, Targeted Deflection, Vest


The armor is dangerous, producing random, destructive discharges of energy. Once per session (on average), a discharge from the armor will damage, destroy, or push away an object nearby (usually something the genius needs or wants).

The armor is vulnerable to one type of element or material, such as wood or silver. Attacks from that material pass through it and ignore Armor.

The armor possesses a small but noticeable gap in its protection. This requires an active examination for a full turn and a Wits + Crafts check vs. the Prostasia level to notice. However, once noticed, attackers can make called shots (-1 to hit) to ignore Armor.

The armor grows constrictive if used for too long. Every minute of use incurs a cumulative –1 penalty to all Dexterity-related actions.

The armor is a power-hog, requiring a number of Mania per minute equal to its rank; otherwise it locks up (if solid) or deactivates (if a field).

The armor will fail when exposed to some common material, such as water or plastic. The wonder reactivates one turn after being removed from the substance.

The armor rattles its user around: an attack that causes no damage instead causes one Health level of Bashing damage.

The armor can get knocked out of alignment. Every hit has a 10% chance of knocking it out of alignment, halving its effectiveness until it is fixed (which takes a Wits + Crafts check and one turn of work).

The armor is physically exhausting to use, reducing the user’s Strength by one per minute of use (minimum 1).

The armor only functions when a special condition is met. Roll on the special conditions chart.