The Axiom of Transformation
, it is based around Transmution and Modification and is the favored Axiom of Hoffnungs and is available to them by default.

Those who use this axiom can make wonders that change the physical appearance and composition of everything in their environment, including themselves if it is not probabilistic, psychological, restorative, or enhancing. It has been known as the alchemic axiom, recreating the powers Alchemy has to offer. All of the effects from this axiom are instantaneous and can range from simple Illusions to actual transformation, to even the ability to transform into gas or liquid.

At its highest level, a genius can create wonders turn people into inanimate objects and allows them to phase through solid objects.

Construction: A wonder designed to transform organic material, or to transform something into organic material, uses Medicine. A wonder designed to transform inorganic material, or to transform something into inorganic material, uses Crafts. A wonder that can handle both organic and inorganic transformation requires both Skills. All wonders of Metaptropi require Science to build.

Power Levels and Wonder Effects:

1 Dot: Change appearance

  • Change External Superficial Surface or Surface Features
  • Disguise Living Person
  • Camouflage Object or Person

2 Dots: Change of substance and free-standing illusions

  • Transform Material Substance
  • Fiddling with Biology (Physical Attributes trade-offs)
  • Massive Valuable Substance Transformation
  • Harming People (reversible transformation unless using Katastrofi)
  • Mechanical Holograms

3 Dots: Growing and shrinking

  • Growth, increasing Strength, Speed, Health Levels, and Weapon Damage
  • Shrink, decreasing Strength, Base Speed, Health Levels, and Weapon Damage

4 Dots: Changing shape

  • Changing Size
  • Increasing a Physical Attribute (requires Exelixi-1)
  • Decreasing a Physical Attribute
  • Increasing or Adding a Physical Merit (requires Exelixi-1)
  • Increasing Speed
  • Flight (requires Skafoi-2)
  • Natural Attack (requires Katastrofi-2)
  • Natural Armor Plating (requires Prostasia-1)
  • Low-light Vision (requires Apokalypsi-1)
  • Non-standard Body (mythological, cryptozoological, pseudo-archaeological, etc)
  • Non-organic Body
  • Variables from Automata:

"Biological" (most organic forms possess this variable),"decentralized anatomy," "extra manipulators," "increased manipulator range," "no fine manipulators," "cannot move", "only one manipulator," and "wheels"

  • Shapeshifting Wonders

5 Dots: Irrational transformations

  • Solid
  • Liquid
  • Gas
  • Invisibility / Concealment
  • Phasing (in phase, out of phase, and far out of phase)
  • Pocket Dimensions


Attached Transformation, Increased Range, Limited Illusions, Metaptropi Ray (Requires Katastrofi 1), Self Only, Specific Transformation, Transmutation Booth


1. All changes that the wonder induces have a distinct "theme," often a color but sometimes a general style, that sets such transformations apart.

2. The subject reverts when placed in contact with a fairly common material, such as silver or wood. The genius can spend one point of Mania per turn of contact to maintain the current form.

3. The transformation is exhausting. Once it concludes, the subject suffers a -1 penalty due to fatigue for the rest of the day. If targeting inorganic material, once it turns back it turns brittle and may fracture or break. Multiple alterations are cumulative.

4. The transformation automatically incurs some mental instability. For the extent of the transformation, the subject suffers from a mild Derangement, or a preexisting mild Derangement becomes severe. If used to target inorganic material, the material radiates "wrongness" to such an extent that all who approach it suffer a Phobia toward it.

5. Returning to normal is painful and dangerous to the subject. She takes one Health level point of Lethal damage upon return per ten minutes spent transformed, to a maximum number of Health levels equal to twice the wonder's rank. Inorganic material will shatter when restored.

6. The transformation can "lock up," preventing return. There is a 50% chance that the transformation locks up. If this happens, there is a 10% chance that the subject will return every hour.

7. The subject becomes hideously, monstrously ugly during the transformation. All Striking Looks merits are lost and the subject suffers a -2 penalty to Presence and Composure (minimum of 1). It takes time, after the transformation is over, to return to normal: after one hour, the penalty is reduced to -1, and after one day, the penalty is gone and the subject regains his normal Striking Looks merit, if he has it. Material so transformed becomes stinking and aesthetically repulsive.

8. The transformation taxes the subject’s immune system. For one week after use, the subject suffers a -4 penalty to any Stamina-related checks to resist poison, illness, or disease. If used against inorganic materials, they tend to attract germs and illness, making them dangerous to handle.

9. The weapon works only when a special condition is met. Roll on the special conditions chart.

10. The subject reverts instantly if not in its special condition. Roll on the special conditions chart.