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Welcome to the Genius: The Transgression Wiki

This wiki is about the fan created World of Darkness game "Genius: The Transgression". If you want to learn some more about the game, figure out some tricky game mechanics, or just want to show off your newest wonder to the rest of the community in the forums (We get that a lot, just don't go back in time to kill Hitler...again, it pisses off the Guardians to no end).

Unfortunately, this place is very new, so there are only a handful of users (Okay, okay, just the one user at the time this was written, Beholden don't count). Since this place is so new, I have been directing people to this site, it should posses enough information to give you a general idea of what we are dealing with here. Hope you enjoy your stay! - Exdeath64, site admin and founder.

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