The Axiom of Restoration, it is based around Medicines and Upgrades. It is the favored Axiom of Klagens and is available to them by default.

An axiom that goes towards the now abandoned idea of telos, of a cosmos moving toward perfection, the students of this Axiom still believe that with their science they can bring all things to their ultimate state. Geniuses using this axiom are capable of restoring things to their fixed state, from broken bones to glitched motherboards. Further than that one has the ability honing and improving mechanical and biological subjects.

At its highest power, masters of Exelixi can gain functional immortality and even the ability to raise the dead (Though it's generally a very bad idea to do this, as it almost usually fails.)

Power Levels and Wonder Effects:

1 Dot: Basic Repair, Healing, and Curing

  • Heal Injury
  • Cure Disease
  • Life Support

2 Dots: Mechanical Upgrade

  • Enhance Machine
  • Exo-Rigs

3 Dots: Biological Upgrade

  • Medical/Biological Life Cocktail
  • Mechanical Life Circuitry Upgrade

4 Dots: Regeneration

  • Heal Aggrivated Damage
  • Body Part Reattachment or Regeneration
  • Stasis
  • Replacement Limbs

5 Dots: Resurrection and Life Extension

  • Jump-Start the Recently Dead
  • True Resurrection/Corpse Conversion
  • Life Extension
  • Age Reversal
  • Extopic Restoratives for Mechanical Life


Autonomous Regenerator, Exelixi Ray, Flexible Upgrade, Focused Restoration, Focused Mechanical Upgrade, Greater Effect Only, Increased Range, Monitored Regeneration, Sarcophagus, Self Only


  1. The wonder's healing or enhancing effects leave a unique color or texture. Skin will heal this naturally, if slowly, but devices will remain noticeably altered.
  2. The wonder drains the "life force" from things around it: immediately when used, plants wither and everyone within five feet per rank of the wonder suffer one level of Bashing damage.
  3. The wonder requires at least one pint of fresh blood (no more than an hour away from a living being) to function every time it is used.
  4. Transformations or healing leave the subject sick and drained once the effect comes to an end: the subject suffers a –1 penalty to Strength and Stamina for one day.
  5. To activate the effect requires one point of Willpower from the user.
  6. The wonder’s effect scrambles the brain of its subject, who suffers a –1 penalty to all Mental Attributes for one day.
  7. While under the effects of an enhancement or for a day after a work of healing, the subject suffers from a mild Derangement, or one of his mild Derangements becomes severe.
  8. The subject suffers from near-pathological hunger for one hour after the use of the wonder. His Vice becomes Gluttony, and if near food and not in immediate danger, he must spend a point of Willpower for that scene to resist gorging himself.
  9. The wonder doubles the subject’s sleep requirements for the next night. In this sleep, the subject cannot easily be awakened.
  10. The wonder’s Mania cost is tripled.
  11. The wonder works only when a special condition is met. Roll on the special conditions chart.