The Axiom of Control
, it is based around procedures to Dominate and Manipulate and is the favored Axiom of Neids and is available to them by default.

Epikrato is seen as the most unnatural of the axioms, due to its ability of mind control and its potential of messing with a Genius' Obligation. It allows for a psychic-like control that can dominate a person's mind, execute telekinesis, and gain direct control of the natural world. This all gives Epikrato an unfavorable reputation among Geniuses.

At its lowest, one can have limited controls over objects, as the genius grows with the axiom, they can control minds, make meat puppets out of people, make physics and probability its bitch and at its highest rank, completely control a person's personal talents and identity.


Mind-controlling wonders require Academics for a firm understanding of psychology. Wonders that control the physical world require Science. Wonders built to exploit reflex triggers or engage in meat puppetry require Medicine.

Power Levels and Wonder Effects:

1 Dot: Control Objects

  • Simple Changes Within Natural Ability (possibly with Apokalypsi targets)

2 Dot: Control Forces

  • Telekinetic Effects
  • Telekinetic Attacks with Katastrofi
  • Telekinetic Travel with Skafoi
  • Meat Puppetry
  • Knockout Attacks
  • Reflex Triggers

3 Dot: Mental Control

  • Control Autonomous Reactions
  • Mind Control
  • Emotional Change
  • Invisibility
  • Drain Will

4 Dot: Probability Control

  • Social Merit Control
  • Increase/Decrease Crowd Density
  • Probabilistic Control of Motion of People or Things
  • Political Domination
  • Weather Control (Temperature, Precipitation, Wind)
  • Probability Manipulation (Physical, Mental, Social Rolls)

5 Dot: Control Identity

  • Mind and Emotion Control (prerequisite state for further effects)
  • Change Vice or Virtue
  • Cooperativity Increase or Decrease, Overwrite New Personality
  • Talent Reduction (Mental/Social Attributes, Skills, Mental Merits, Metanormal Advantages/Powers)
  • Morality Alteration
  • Turn Mortal Beholden or Beholden Mortal
  • Memory Manipulation
  • Consciousness Transfer (Occupation vs Burial, Swap)
  • Mind and Personality Blanking
  • Reversing Epikrato Mind Manipulation


Epikrato Ray, Invisible Effect, Long Range, Many Minds, No Range, One-Purpose Manipulator, Specific Weather Manipulation


  1. The effect ends suddenly if the subject is exposed to a particular, common element, such as wood or silver.
  2. Using the wonder causes mental instability in the user. While operating the wonder and for one day afterward, the user suffers from a mild Derangement, or a mild Derangement is upgraded to Severe.
  3. The invasive control of a person causes mental instability in the user. For the extent of the control and for one day afterward, the user suffers from a mild Derangement, or a preexisting mild Derangement becomes severe.
  4. The control is physically taxing on the user. When operating the wonder, the genius suffers one level of Bashing damage, plus one additional level per minute of use.
  5. That infuriating concept, "goodness of heart," makes the subject more difficult to control. Subjects with Morality (or equivalent) 7 gain a +3 bonus to resist the wonder; subjects with a score of 8+ are entirely immune.
  6. The godlike control over the world strips the genius of moral integrity. He cannot regain Willpower from his Virtue for one week after using the wonder.
  7. The effect may surge wildly out of control. If the genius rolls a Exceptional Success, the effect surges, growing dangerous and impossible to control: a love-struck subject becomes insane with lust, a trick meant to summon a person instead summons his entire family, etc.
  8. The subject remembers his control as explicitly unnatural and will almost certainly resent the user of the wonder.
  9. Animals grow fearful due to the wonder’s power. Whoever uses the wonder suffers a -5 penalty to Animal Ken, with the effect reducing by one point per day. If the user's Presence + Animal Ken pool is reduced to a chance die, animals attack on sight.
  10. The effect only works when the subject meets one of the special conditions. Roll on the special conditions chart.