The Axiom of Independence
, it is based around Artificial Minds and Created Beings, but in layman's terms, you can make robots with it.

Those using this Axiom can create sentient, intelligent, and reasoning beings, whether they be godlike computer overminds, shambling alchemical zombies, or mechanical thralls. At its most basic levels, geniuses are limited to near-mindless wonders, but as they grow in skill and knowledge, the genius can create allies, minions, and, if they are not careful, beings that rival or even surpass their own mental capabilities.

Any wonder built in conjunction of Automata has some form of sentience, however high or low it may be and can function as a capacitor, holding mania for the genius until needed. It can also be used to build factories of simple drones to help create wonders and even spare bodies for your own back-up brain.


Most "mechanical brains" and robots require Computer to build. Once-living or organic beings need Medicine to get them moving and thinking. Rank-4 or higher automata need Academics to implement the psychological underpinnings of consciousness. Automata created from corpses require Occult.

Factories require Crafts for physical objects and Medicine for living things. Factories that can create intelligent creatures require Academics. A factory must possess all the Skills necessary for building any wonders it can create.

Power Levels and Wonder Effects:

1 Dot: Triggered Devices

  • Craft/Organic Object Factory
  • Limb
  • Computer

2 Dot: Zombie Intelligence

  • Plant Factory

3 Dot: Animal-like intelligence

  • Animal Factory

4 Dot: Human-level intelligence

  • "Human" Person Factory / Cloning Vat

5 Dot: Transcendent Intelligence (PC-level skills and independence)

  • Wonder Factory (Wonder production requires Procedures)


Automatic Repair, Biological, Brain Backup, Cannot Move, Contact Trigger, Control Surface, Craniac, Decentralized Anatomy, Dexterous/Bulky Limbs, Durable, Dynamic Factory, Extra Manipulators, Free Roaming, Increased Manipulator Range, Limited Battery Life, Looks Human, Low-Light Vision, Mute, No Fine Manipulators, Normal Power Source (stationary infrastructure, 1 hour), No Senses, Onboard Storage, Only One Manipulator, Low Intelligence, Night Eyes, No Manipulators, Remote Control, Smartification Node, Strong Limbs, Uplifts, Wheels


  1. The wonder is a bit unhinged. It suffers from one mild Derangement.
  2. The wonder is very unhinged. It suffers from one major Derangement or two minor Derangements.
  3. The wonder is physically shaky. It suffers a -1 penalty to all Dexterity actions related to manual actions.
  4. The wonder radiates a sense of "wrongness" that offends all living things. Mortals grow edgy and irritable around the wonder, and animals act fearful or aggressive.
  5. The wonder emits a kind of low-level radiation that damages the world around it, spreading plague, disfigurement, and disease for as long as it remains in one place out to 100' per rank. This is too subtle to cause damage, but it will result in still births, sickly plant life, and even out-of-control storms.
  6. The wonder interprets commands with bloody-minded, almost spiteful, literalness.
  7. The wonder is highly susceptible to mental influence. It suffers a -5 penalty to resist metanormal control and command, such as a mage's Mind Arcana or a vampire's Dominate powers.
  8. The wonder requires some sort of "living" fuel, from blood to live mice to human souls, to continue functioning. Every day that goes by without feeding, the wonder suffers a cumulative -1 penalty to all actions, until it shuts down at -5.
  9. The wonder is not particularly loyal. It will side with a genius with higher Inspiration if the other genius asks and succeeds on a competing Manipulation + Persuasion check.
  10. The wonder requires a special condition to keep functioning. Roll on the special conditions chart.