The Axiom of Discovery
, it is based around Analysis and Communications, it is the favored Axiom for Staunens and is available to them by default.

Those using this Axiom can create scanners (devices which analyze, a real-world example would be an MRI machine, obviously the competent Genius would wish to compact this somewhat.) and communicators (exactly what it sounds like). Its unique trait is that it can activate its functions automatically without spending Mania.

At its lowest rank, an apokalypsi wonder can scan for any data in any data storage device within range, wheter it be from a computer or a book while at its highest rank, a wonder can scan, see, and interact with the future and even have postcognition.

Construction: Scanners and communicators require Computer. If the wonders are instead built to detect or scan minds, they require Academics. An entirely organic wonder of Apokalypsi requires both Medicine and Academics, as well as at least one dot in Automata to provide rudimentary nervous processing.

Power Levels and Wonder Effects:

1 Dot: Reveal Data

  • Passive Scanning (analyse data storage devices)
  • Active Scanning (function as a communicator)
  • Flashlight
  • Remote Control

2 Dots: Direct Scanning

  • Physical scans (built with Science: reveals chemical composition, velocity, temperature, radioactive emissions, Size, shape, Structure, Durability, power output, Physical Attributes and Merits)
  • Biological scans (built with Medicine: reveals species, diseases, toxins, Health, damage, Size, Physical Attributes, Physical Merits, pregnancy and other unique biological situations)
  • Metanormal scans (built with Occult: reveals Metanormal creature type, objects' resonance with Metanormality, rank of Metanormal Advantage, number of Power Units, and on Exceptional Success a creature's Splat, Abilities, and Dots)
  • Dimensional scans (built with Occult: local Gauntlet rating, energy amount and type emanating from a dimensional rift, destination of dimensional gate)
  • Super-science/Mania scans (built with Science: reveals mane, beholden, genius, wonder or orphan status; wonder rank, Inspiration achieved, current amount of Mania, and on Exceptional Success a genius's Catalyst, Foundation, (or that belonging to beholden's genius), Axioms and their dot ranks, and the exact abilities and faults of a wonder)
  • Mechanical Telepathy (built with Academics: reveals emotional state, current surface thoughts, truthfulness/lying of communication of target(s), and on Exceptional Success Mental and Social Attributes, Morality, Skills, Specializations, current and maximum Willpower, Virtue, Vice, and Mental Merits, and Deep Scans of memories)
  • Projective Telepathy (separate kind of wonder from telepathic scanner, causes voluntary mental "verbal" communication, and on Exceptional Success also "gestural" communication)
  • Computer Telepathy (built with Computer, telepathic machines that target intelligent machines)
  • Universal Translator
  • Night Vision
  • Binoculars
  • Microphone

3 Dots: Spatial analysis

  • Phenomena Scanning and Modeling (same phenomena as at 2 dots)
  • "Scrying"

4 Dots: Possibility and probability

  • Probabilistic prediction of person's situation, location, and resources
  • "Telephone Game" Coincidental Communication
  • Probability Calculation
  • Extra Dimensional Scanning

5 Dots: Reveal truth

  • Answer Questions
  • Detect Everything


Active Scanner, One-Medium Communicator, Goggles, Land Line, Narrow Focus, Onboard Storage (Requires Automata-1)


  1. A certain common sound, word, sight, or thought (a dog barking; a tree; boredom) causes the communication link to shut down, forcing a reboot that takes 1-10 turns.
  2. Using the device for more than ten minutes causes a headache, which causes a -1 penalty for one hour.
  3. A certain common object simply will not show up on a scanner or be transmitted along the communicator. This occurs even if it results in absurd results, like people "driving" through the streets without cars.
  4. People being scanned can make a Wits + Composure check vs. the wonder’s rank to realize that they are (somehow) being monitored.
  5. The "monitor" is a bit wobbly. After using it for more than ten minutes, the user suffers a -1 penalty to all normal perception checks. If used for more than an hour, this penalty increases to -2. The effect disappears after a night’s rest.
  6. The device occasionally glimpses things from beyond this world. Every time the device is used, there is a 1-in-10 chance of such a glimpse. The user must make an Intelligence + Composure check or gain a mild Derangement, or upgrade a mild Derangement to a severe one. This Derangement lasts for one week.
  7. If the device features multiple inputs (for example, audio and visual), there is a 50% chance every time the device is used that one input will cut out. It requires a point of Mania or an Intelligence + Computer roll to get all inputs running again.
  8. The device cannot see or detect wonders, manes, or anything fueled, built or sustained by Mania. It will detect geniuses normally, but they register as ordinary humans.
  9. There is a special condition for using the device. Roll on the special conditions chart, below.
  10. There is a special condition for using the device. This special condition applies to the target area, not the area where the device is located. Roll on the special conditions chart.